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Superior Quality Taping  offers Services of Taping & Sanding Residential, Commercial and Home Renovations
Respecting Clients & Home Renovations
When we enter Your home to give a quote or work on renovations , We Understand and Respect that it is your home. Our Team will allways be couteous to remove our shoes if nessesary, and clean up after ourselves before we leave.
What We Do
How We Can Help You
Thinking about renovating a room, basement, or whole house?
We work within your budget to get your project completed  within the time you need it to be done
Our Goal is to provide our customers with the best Quality and Service.

From beginning to end the goal is always getting the  beautiful finish you want. 
At Superior Quality Taping we use a combination of hand  held and machine tools to ensure efficiency and highest quality of work.

We use Bazookas and Boxes for those larger jobs  , and hand tools like Hawks and Trowels for those hard to reach places

The Process

We Start by ensuring all of the gaps where the drywall meet are prefilled with a confill/mud mix.  ( When Prefilling we apply first coat on screw holes to optimize efficiency) Once all of the  gaps of drywall are filled we apply tapes.

We Start by applying mud to the butt joints first, Once the mud is applied to all the butt joints; measure a piece of paper tape the length of the joint. Add tapes to all of the butt joints. When all the tapes are on you use your knife to wipe the mud behind the tape flat. Wipe excess mud into pan. Next apply mud and tapes to the flatts and wipe like step one . ( When measuring angle tapes always make sure that your tape goes completely to the edge of the three way to ensure no cracks)

When we put our bead on we check it to make sure it is on proprely and always pushed to the top.

Our Work is backed by our 100% Customer  Satisfaction Guarantee 


A little bit about us
Superior Quality Taping is known for our expert work and excellent customer service. Taping, Coating and Sanding drywall  and getting it ready to paint takes specific knowledge, strength and it is Our Passion. We take great pride in the Quality, Efficiency & Cleanliness of our work.
If you have any questions  about the process, we will give you answers that will give you a clear understanding .
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